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Clinical Spinal Stenosis | Reish

Diagnosing True Clinical Spinal Stenosis

One of the most common radiologic findings on lumbar MRIs in patients 65 and older is “spinal stenosis,” a spinal canal smaller than a trained radiologist’s accepted standard canal size.

In reality, radiographic “spinal stenosis” is used...

Discharge Summary | Christian

Patient Discharge Summary Imperative for Care Coordination

In our current civil environment, it’s unimaginable to purchase an operating system without a manual or guide as to how it functions, its safety features and other potential for harm. However, the most  complex...

Non-accidental Injury | Dalope

Providing Care for Non-Accidental Pediatric Injuries

Every year, 2.9 million incidences of child abuse are reported in the United States. More than 25 percent of maltreated children are under the age of 3. The Infant/Toddler Abuse Recovery Program at the Good Shepherd...

Treating Spasticity | Singh

Treating Spasticity

Weeks to months after a traumatic injury or the onset of a chronic illness, patients may develop a variety of complications, including spasticity. Patients with spasticity often experience involuntary muscle tightness and stiffness, spasms and slow or uncontrollable movements. The...

SuAnn Chen, MD

Specialized Rehabilitation Care for Brain Injuries of All Levels

For many physicians, the immediate treatment and stabilization of severe head trauma and a resultant brain injury are the easy part. The focus shifts once patients are medically stable. Patients with brain...

Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

Physiatry Progressions: Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Advances

Historically, physicians have been taught that the damage from a spinal cord injury is irreversible and that in most cases any resultant non-ambulatory status is permanent. While biological repair of the damage...

pediatric respiratory care

Comprehensive Pediatric Respiratory Care and Rehabilitation

A child’s path from critical illness to health may be a difficult journey, especially for those who require long-term mechanical ventilation. Patients who remain on ventilators for weeks or months may benefit greatly from a...

Kyle Klitsch, DO

Expert Evaluation and Intense Treatment Concussion Management

News about the danger of concussions seems to be everywhere, filling the pages of medical journals and swirling through cyberspace. Even ESPN and the sports page are packed with concussion-related news. As a...

Feeding Program

Eating Is a Basic Need

Yes, eating is a basic need, but approximately 25 percent of children have some form of feeding disorder. This number increases to 80 percent in developmentally delayed children. Improper early nutrition can present as growth issues, failure to thrive and susceptibility to chronic...
Vent Weaning

Post-Acute Care Ventilator Weaning Takes a Team

Due to the matrix of caregivers involved in successful liberation from the ventilator and continued ventilatory rehabilitation, it is necessary to identify and agree on clinical pathways to maximize respiratory rehabilitation and...