Good Shepherd Physical Therapy – Laurys Station Helps Woman Transform Her Health

In 1977, when she was in her 20’s, June Donesecz was involved in a terrible auto accident. It was raining, and another car hydroplaned into June’s side of the car. She woke up in the hospital four days later with a compound fracture in her right leg and the right side of her skull severely damaged.

Over the next several years, June would have multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation to help her move correctly again. With the exception of wearing the high heels they told her not to, June followed the doctors’ orders. She healed in time and moved on with her life.

In the years since, June has lived a life of service, working as a secretary in a religious office. She was active, but physically sedentary, sitting at a desk for most of the day. As she aged, she began to experience widespread pain and found her quality of life deteriorating because she was not able to do the things she wanted.

Thinking it was fibromyalgia, she went to see a rheumatologist, who told her she needed to move more. She had always shied away from gyms and made an appointment instead with Good Shepherd Physical Therapy – Laurys Station, because it was close to her home. It was there that she met Barrie Jo Wambold, PT, DPT.

“I almost cancelled my first appointment,” said June. “That first session was tough, just doing basic stretches. It opened my eyes to how out of shape I was and how I needed to take better care of myself.”

In working with June, Barrie Jo discovered that, like many accident victims, June had learned to compensate for the injuries she sustained – and the high heels she wore –  years earlier.  To alleviate chronic pain, June had been moving incorrectly, so Barrie Jo designed a therapy regimen that focused on overall postural education, aerobic conditioning and correct lifting techniques.

“June shared with us how anxious she was about therapy,” says Barrie Jo. “We talked about it before she began and tried to put her at ease.  During each session, we asked how she was feeling and adjusted accordingly.”

As she continued, June said Barrie Jo helped her regain her confidence. They added to the therapy during each session, and June says she started to feel stronger, sleep better and walk taller. She significantly reduced the anti-inflammatory medication she was taking and has lost ten pounds. June feels that the therapy she received from Barrie Jo transformed her, and she has continued her own wellness routine at home.

“I have realized how important it is to honor my body, both emotionally and physically,” says June.

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