Good Shepherd at East Greenville Eases Transition Home for Stroke Patient in Florida

Foster and Rosa Seville of Pennsburg, PA, were enjoying a vacation in Florida in April 2014 when disaster struck. At a small casino playing the slots, when Foster went to rejoin Rosa he saw a small crowd gathered around her. His first thought was “wow, she hit the jackpot.” But he quickly realized something was terribly wrong when he saw her face, which was drooping on one side.

Paramedics stationed at the casino arrived within minutes. Rosa was quickly transported to a hospital located just across the street. Emergency room physicians immediately ordered a CAT scan and confirmed what they already knew: Rosa had suffered a massive stroke and was in critical condition. Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) was administered to dissolve the blood clot and improve blood flow to the heart.

“We were amazingly lucky,” says Foster. “The hospital was one of the best in Florida for treating strokes. Rosa soon began to recover – faster than the doctors anticipated.” Although Rosa’s left side was initially paralyzed, within a couple of weeks after the stroke she was walking with some assistance.

She was soon discharged to a rehabilitation facility. The admitting nurse told the Sevilles that Rosa would be there for 30 days. But within a few days, the facility’s staff said it was safe for Rosa to travel home, where she would need to continue with outpatient therapy.

Foster set out to find the best facility for stroke rehab close to home in Pennsburg. A friend who had a stroke recommended Good Shepherd Physical Therapy – East Greenville. When Foster called the site from Florida, he had a multitude of questions about referrals, insurance and other paperwork. Site Manager Karen Long, PTA, walked Foster through the process and made an appointment for Rosa shortly after the Sevilles returned home.

“From the moment we walked into East Greenville, we felt at home,” says Foster. “The staff treats patients like family. Everyone is so compassionate as well as knowledgeable.”

Rosa quickly progressed and was soon able to return to almost all of her normal activities. One of her favorite activities is cooking, which became a part of her occupational therapy treatment at East Greenville. A native of Puerto Rico, Rosa loves preparing Latin cuisine and has surprised the staff with delicacies such as meat pockets and Spanish rice.

Rosa’s stroke was a life-altering experience for the couple, making them realize how important it is to enjoy life. With six adult children and 17 grandchildren, the Sevilles wanted to spend more time with them and on leisure activities together. Foster decided to retire from his career as a police officer for the Upper Perk Police Department, where he had worked for 28 years.

Shortly after retiring this past February, he underwent a knee replacement, surgery he had been putting off for many years due to his job responsibilities. Of course he chose Good Shepherd East Greenville for his therapy.

The surgery caused more pain and debility than Foster had anticipated, resulting in an initial period of depression. But once he started his therapy at East Greenville his pain decreased rapidly and his optimistic disposition returned. Only weeks after the surgery he was able to move his knee 110 degrees.

As part of Foster’s treatment, he uses the warm-water therapy pool at the site, which he calls “miracle water.”

Meanwhile, Rosa has returned to therapy to fine tune some difficulties with numbness on her left side, so the couple rehabs together at East Greenville.

“I’ve been to several other rehabilitation facilities,” says Foster. “Good Shepherd is by far the best.”

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