Giving. Make It a Habit - Spring 2014


Dear Friends,

I’m writing this on a bitter cold wintry day as the snow is falling outside and blanketing our south Allentown campus. As difficult as it may be to envision spring, I think about how hard it is for many of our patients when they first come to us to envision healing and possibilities beyond whatever affliction has impacted their lives.

We work with all our patients to set goals and we encourage them to stay the course, even when they want to give up. And while we also recognize there may be limitations, we constantly seek ways to help people with disabilities achieve greater independence and work as a team to make that happen.

Consistency in therapy is essential to progress, just as consistency in giving from donors like Tom and Millie Stenhouse, who we highlight in this issue, is essential to advancing our mission and strengthening our vision for the future. We count on your generosity to help us invest in the latest technologies which help teens like Patrick Champagne, a swimmer at Emmaus High School, who is recovering from a sports-related concussion. Technology also is playing a role in helping 20-year-old Samantha Weber improve her vision and gain strength after she fell critically ill to a frightening and unpredictable disease.

Consistency is important in other ways too at Good Shepherd. We rely on volunteers like Neil Wetcher, our 2013 Volunteer of the Year, to help our staff in countless ways. And we rely on our special event committee chairs, like Peter Danchak and Jaime Mendes, along with their hard-working committees to plan and execute fund raisers so necessary to our programs and services.

While the harsh winter weather brought with it plenty of challenges, Good Shepherd’s dedicated staff, our volunteers and donors like you, never skipped a beat. Consistency in giving can be habit forming and that’s a habit you will find feels great.


John Kristel, MBA, MPT
President & CEO