Daughter Insists on the Best Inpatient Rehabilitation for her Nonagenarian Mother

Macungie resident Rose Hetherington, 95, was admitted to a local hospital on Christmas Eve following a flu and pneumonia diagnosis. Three weeks later, Rose was well enough to be discharged, but not strong enough to return to living on her own.

Rose’s physician suggested a stay in a short-term rehab facility to help Rose regain strength and reclaim her independence. When her case worker recommended a local nursing home, Rose’s daughter, Joie Barry, insisted otherwise.

“I insisted on Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital because of its stellar reputation,” says Joie. “I was concerned that my mom would not progress as well or as quickly in a nursing home setting, and I knew that Good Shepherd would be the best place to help her get back to her active lifestyle.”

When Joie asked the hospital case manager about a referral to Good Shepherd, she was told that insurance companies typically do not approve acute rehabilitation for patients Rose’s age, but Joie was determined to advocate for her mom’s well-being. Joie called Good Shepherd, and a nurse liaison arrived the following day.

“The liaison was friendly and knowledgeable,” says Joie. “She told me that my mom was a perfect candidate for admission.”

The insurance company quickly approved Rose’s inpatient stay, and she was transferred to Good Shepherd.

“It was important that I was an advocate for my mother’s health,” says Joie. “I needed to insist on the best possible care for her. It doesn’t hurt to make a phone call. I’m glad I did.”

After admission to Good Shepherd, Rose received appropriate therapies for several weeks with Good Shepherd’s compassionate and supportive staff. Rose was able to maximize her strength and return to living in her home independently. She even learned some new tricks.

“One day in physical therapy, mom was working on the parallel bars doing leg lifts and kicks – things she never did before,” said Joie. “Now, we joke that mom is 95 and still kicking.”

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