Concussion: Taking Florence Heeter BEYOND LIMITS

In 2012, Florence Heeter started experiencing dizziness that was so extreme that she went to the emergency department at a local hospital. The ED doctor diagnosed her with vertigo and ear issues.

In June 2012, her condition was so bad that she blacked out and hit her head. She spent the next few years being tested and being seen by numerous specialists in the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia. At the suggestion of the physician specialists, Florence tried two rounds of physical therapy, but she continued to feel dizzy and light-headed – as if she was going to pass out. Florence’s ability to enjoy life and work was limited due to her symptoms.
Finally, in 2014, her physician recommended that she be evaluated by“advanced therapists” at Good Shepherd’s Outpatient Neurorehabilitation Program. Sue Golden, PT, NCS, Good Shepherd’s Director of Neurorehabilitation, determined that Florence’s symptoms were more the result of issues with her eyes than her ears. When she hit her head in 2012, Florence may have suffered an undiagnosed concussion that resulted in ongoing vision and balance problems.
“I never suspected my eyes,”says Florence.“Sue recognized what was happening to me when the doctors could not figure it out. I am indebted to her.”
Florence worked with Sue and a team of therapists to improve her vision and balance issues. She called her treatment “advanced brain training.”
“Before coming to Good Shepherd, I was unable to walk at places like the airport without holding onto someone,”says Florence.“This year, I was able to plant flowers outside my house and travel independently again.”
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