The BrainSTEPS Program

Good Shepherd Pediatrics
Good Shepherd Pediatrics is a participant in the BrainSTEPS Program, a joint initiative of the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. BrainSTEPs helps students reintegrate into the school system after a brain injury.
BrainSTEPS teams are comprised of educational and medical professionals and parents. Good Shepherd staff members serve as medical liaisons, apprising the team of each child’s progress during rehabilitation as well as providing valuable medical information and recommendations.
Teams are based out of the Intermediate Units. Good Shepherd participates on the following teams:
  • Berk County Intermediate Unit #14
  • Colonial Intermediate Unit #20
  • Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21
  • Schuylkill Intermediate Unit #29
BrainSTEPS referrals can be made by parents, teachers and/or medical professionals.