What You Need To Know About Therapy Caps

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network (GSRN) is committed to providing outstanding care and advocating on behalf of our patients’ rehabilitation needs. You may have heard about the limitations on outpatient therapy that were implemented by Medicare (CMS) on October 1, 2012. Some older adults may be putting off physical rehabilitation for fear that they will be financially responsible for the cost due to the new limitations.

I want to assure our seniors that they do not need to put off or forego therapy for fear of the cost. Outstanding patient outcomes are Good Shepherd’s priority, so our staff has worked through this new “therapy cap” regulation while continuing to offer clinically excellent, cost-effective care.

Here is how Good Shepherd is working with our senior patients and our referral sources on Medicare therapy limitations:

  • Good Shepherd staff will explain the new Medicare therapy limitations to each patient and will notify each patient of his or her Medicare benefits prior to the start of therapy.
  • Good Shepherd therapists will work with each patient to determine the best course of care to achieve outstanding outcomes.
  • Good Shepherd will notify each patient, throughout the course of therapy, of his or her status in approaching the therapy session limit.
  • Good Shepherd will not hold patients financially responsible for services received that are denied by Medicare.

Good Shepherd’s staff is here to work with you as health-care rules and regulations change. If you have questions about Medicare therapy caps or other insurance concerns, please contact the GSRN business office at 877-807-2840.

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