This Summer, Stay Safe in the Water

Summer is nearly here, and summer means water! Lakes, rivers, pools and the shore offer wonderful summer activities, including swimming, boating and just relaxing.

If you’re planning on having fun near the water this summer, you need to think about water safety. If you have kids, share these tips with them at an early age.

Swimming pools are fascinating for kids of all ages. Many accidental drownings occur when children access unwatched swimming pools or adults have an accident while swimming alone.

The most important rule of water safety is to NEVER SWIM ALONE.

If you have a swimming pool at your home, make sure that everyone in the house knows how to swim and how to use basic rescue techniques. Our local YMCA and American Red Cross offices are wonderful resources for swimming lessons and classes in basic and advanced water safety.

Rescue equipment and a fast contact to 9-1-1 also are essential.

Natural water sites have different hazards of which you should be aware. Riptides at the shore and river currents can be very strong and dangerous, even for the most experienced swimmers. Before entering the water at these places, be sure to read any warning signs and always obey the lifeguard’s orders.

Once you master these water safety techniques, the water can be fun . . . and it can help you stay fit! Water offers an excellent environment for exercise, because it offers minimal wear and tear on a body. 

Go ahead and enjoy the water this summer. Let’s make this summer your safest and best season yet!

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