SPRINT to Independence

We all know someone who has suffered a stroke, broken bone, joint replacement, spinal cord injury, multiple trauma or brain injury. Medically necessary inpatient rehabilitation probably was part of the recovery process after your relative, friend or neighbor was stabilized at an acute-care hospital.
Simply stated, medical rehabilitation is the physical, occupational and speech therapy that helps patients improve functional skills and regain independence. This specialized inpatient rehabiliation is ideally overseen daily by physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians and specially certified rehabilitation nurses.
So how do you choose the inpatient facility that provides the best medical rehabilitation that will result in best recovery?
First, you must know that you do have a choice; you can request to be moved to a specialized inpatient rehabilitation facility. There are proven and life-improving advantages to selecting Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital over a nursing home or hospital-based unit. Overall, Good Shepherd’s patients go home faster than those cared for at similar facilities in the region and nation – and most of our patients truly go home, not to a nursing home. Plus, most of Good Shepherd’s patients – 96 percent -- are happy with their care and are likely to recommend the hospital to others.
What sets Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital apart is that we specialize in rehabilitation. The advantages to our care can be summed up by the phrase “SPRINT to Independence”:
S = Specialized clinical teams
P = Physicians see patients daily
R = Regular physical, occupational, speech-language therapy for at least 3 hours per day
I = Imaging on site (MRI, CT, X-ray)
N = Nurses certified in rehabilitation
T = Technology, including telemedicine
Physical rehabilitation may not be a topic you think about on a daily basis, but I guarantee you that you or someone you love will need these services one day. I urge you to take charge of your health and your future and choose a quality inpatient rehabilitation facility like Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital.
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