Specialized Therapy for Performing Artists

By trade, dancers, musicians and other performing artists are often passionate and exceedingly dedicated to their craft. Therefore, much like athletes, professional and recreational artists have grueling practice schedules and incur repetitive and other injuries. But unlike athletes, performing artists have not had a dedicated rehabilitation team who understand and cater to their unique needs.

That is, until now. Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network recently opened a specialized facility to meet the unique needs of dancers, musicians and other performing artists. 

Why should performing artists choose specialized care?
Performers, such as dancers, musicians and fine artists, are predisposed to serious injury due to overuse and repetition. Receiving professional help early on can make a big difference in recovery and the time it takes to return to the craft. 

Some of the specialized services offered at Good Shepherd’s Performing Arts Rehabilitation Center (PARC) include:

What makes PARC different from other rehabilitation facilities?
Good Shepherd’s state-of-the-art Performing Arts Rehabilitation Center is designed with performing artists in mind. Minor corrections can have a great impact on a performer's health and the quality of his or her performance; therefore, it is important for a therapist who specializes in performing arts rehabilitation to observe artists in action.

For Dancers – The facility boasts a professional dance floor, complete with a ballet barre and full length mirrors. Spacious treatment rooms afford patients the room to practice their routines.

For Musicians – The facility has a piano and a soundproof music room for performers to play their instruments. 

Why choose a treatment team that specializes in performing arts rehabilitation?
The PARC team understands the demands of performance and work schedules and will provide therapy to accommodate performance, class and recital schedules.

The treatment team at Good Shepherd’s Performing Arts Rehabilitation Center includes  a physical therapist who specializes in orthopedics and manual therapy in the treatment of cervical, shoulder and knee injuries and conditions, as well as a physical therapist assistant, Margo Clifford Ging, a dance instructor, choreographer and former professional dancer. 

Patients can be referred for physical therapy at Good Shepherd’s Performing Arts Rehabilitation Center by their family doctor or specialist.  If you don't have a doctor, you can schedule an appointment with a Good Shepherd physician who will medically evaluate your condition to see if you are a candidate for physical therapy.

Interested patients can call Good Shepherd Physical Therapy – Bethlehem/Performing Arts Rehabilitation Center at 610-868-2805 to schedule an appointment or contact us.

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