Performance-Saving Care for Musicians

therapy for musiciansThe Good Shepherd Physical Therapy-Bethlehem/Performing Arts Rehabilitation Center (GSPT-Bethlehem/PARC) is well known for its physical therapy work with dancers, but musicians are finding our specialized services to be performance-saving care.

Christian Ellett is a drummer from New York City who is now a senior at DeSales University in Center Valley. He performs locally with the band Spyglass Hill. Pain, numbness and a burning sensation in his right arm while playing the drums began last fall. He was diagnosed with wrist tendinitis and overuse syndrome and came to see me for therapy. After a thorough evaluation, I created an individualized rehabilitation plan for Christian, including manual therapy, massage, stretching and strengthening exercises. In addition, I have used Kinesio Taping to inhibit the excessive muscle activity in his forearm and to facilitate proper activation of those muscles.

After 15 physical therapy sessions, Christian’s pain decreased from a high of 8 out of 10 to just a tightness in his right forearm. He now has full mobility in his right upper extremity and his strength is close to normal. He is doing so well that he has returned to drumming on a limited basis, and he recently competed in the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC) Battle of the Bands.

Christian’s goal is long-term recovery from his injury so that he can play drums for many years to come. Christian attributes his physical improvement to the GSPT-Bethlehem/PARC staff members, who understand musicians and the physical strains placed on their bodies. With the only facility in the region specializing in performing arts rehabilitation, Good Shepherd is committed to amateur and expert performing artists who have sustained a performance-related injury or whose activity and routines are showing signs of fatigue. We understand the challenges of performing artists’ practice and performance schedules and work with each patient to meet recovery goals as quickly as possible.

I am proud to note that GSPT-Bethlehem/PARC will be recognized for our expertise with performing artists at the April 15 PA Jazz Collective’s upcoming PA Jazz Awards and Lehigh Valley Jazz Idol event. We will receive the Community Service Award at the event, which starts at 7:30 p.m. at the Charles Brown Ice House at Sand Island in Bethlehem. This is a terrific way to celebrate April as National Jazz Month and to salute all our patients – performing artists and others – who have recovered under our care.

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