This Patient Won’t Let Surgery Keep Him Down

Chris Bauer - Core Physical TherapyI would like to introduce you to Christopher Bauer. Chris is my former patient who is an inspiration for my own sporting undertakings.

Chris is a 48-year-old IT professional. His job is in Chicago, IL, but his wife lives here in Bethlehem and is a very busy professional herself.

What they have in common is a love for endurance sports. Chris is originally from New Jersey and he formerly participated on the US Ski Team.

I met Chris when he came to CORE Physical Therapy as a patient seeking knee rehabilitation. Chris had surgery on his knee and foot in November of last year. I was impressed by Chris’s unusual motivation and drive to recover. I was amazed also by his pain threshold. It was one of those rare situations when a patient demanded to be pushed harder, and I was the one who had to hold it back a little (usually I am doing the pushing).

After his return to the Windy City, Chris continued to work on his knee and gradually resumed his training. He completed the Washington DC Marathon on March 23, 2011, and decided that he was ready to take on more difficult challenges in the months to come.

Recently, Chris completed a 50-mile (that’s right: 5-0) trail run in Wisconsin in just under 10 hours.

Here is an excerpt from an e-mail Chris sent me after the race:

“The whole experience was a blast – I love trail running! It was pretty exhausting but not boring at all. Great scenery, great terrain of rocks & roots and single track and ups & downs . . .  Almost everyone trips at some point during the race on rocks, roots or something, and half the time fall down. I stubbed my newly repaired left big toe not once but twice on rocks around miles 18 & 19 – thought I broke it too. After a mile or so it seemed to get better – either that, or my body began hurting more in other places J In the last 10 miles or so, my toe actually felt more flexible than ever before so maybe stubbing it just broke up some of the adhesions that may have been there post-surgery. It’s feeling just fine right now.”

Chris will be running a 100-mile race on June 4.

Chris is 48, he commutes between Chicago and Bethlehem while holding a busy job, and he recently had knee and foot surgery. If that doesn’t inspire you to get off your couch and become physically active, I don’t know what will.

Check this blog often for updates on Chris’ athletic exploits, and feel free to leave messages of encouragement for Chris. I’ll make sure he sees them.

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