It’s Time To Start Conditioning for Next Ski Season

Ski season is winding down in eastern Pennsylvania. I hope you all had excellent experiences hitting the slopes this year.

Now that winter is over, it is time to start conditioning yourself for next ski season.

During warm-weather months, your focus should be on maintaining the physical skills that are associated with skiing.

Running is a great way to maintain your fitness level. However, is very high impact. If you spent a lot of time in terrain parks and on kickers, you may want to give your spine and knees a little break in the offseason. If this is the case, avoid activities that involve repetitive jumping or pounding; try cycling or swimming instead.

To maintain your balance and coordination, I recommend in-line skating and skateboarding. Windsurfing, surfing and kiteboarding are ideal when the weather turns hot.

Weight training is perfect for maintaining your strength. Concentrate more on your core musculature (abdominal and back muscles) than on your legs, which probably need a brake at this point.

And always remember to stretch, emphasizing your legs and lower back. If stretching doesn’t seem to work, you are most likely not stretching in the correct manner.

If this is the case, have your physical therapist review your stretching routine and tweak it.

Early off-season is also a good time to properly heal any in-season sports injuries you may have sustained. Again, your physical therapist may be a vital player in that process.

Have a wonderful spring and summer. Check back in September for tips on how you can get up to speed for next ski season.

In the meantime, I will turn my attention towards cycling, wind sports and some of my other favorites.

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