Fast Treatment for Back and Neck Pain

Have you ever woken up with pain in your lower back from sleeping wrong or experienced neck pain from sitting at a work station? Experiencing these pains occasionally is normal, but when they begin to impact your life by keeping you from work, family involvement and/or the activities you enjoy, immediate and fast action needs to be taken.

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation offers quick help for sudden back and neck pain through the Rapid Relief Program for Back and Neck Pain. This program offers multiple services in one convenient location and appointments within 48 hours with Good Shepherd physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians to help you to get back to the activities you enjoy.

Good Shepherd’s physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians specialize in non-surgical and non-interventional treatment. If prescribed, patients can see a Good Shepherd physical therapist the same day for evaluation, treatment and education, all designed to reduce pain. On-site diagnostics such as ultrasounds, CT-scans and x-rays may also be available.

While the program is not designed for those with longstanding pain, physical therapy can help patients make corrections that will help reduce the likelihood of recurrence. Most patients will have five to six therapy visits over six to eight weeks, in addition to exercises at home.

Good Shepherd’s Rapid Relief Program offers quick assessment and treatment for symptoms such as:

  • Recently acquired pain in the back or neck
  • Recent sprain or strain injuries of the back or neck
  • Slip or fall injuries resulting in back or neck pain
  • Spasms of the neck and/or back
  • Shooting pain in the back, neck, arms or legs

Overall, when experiencing sudden-onset back or neck pains, do not ignore them and expect them to either subside or go away. Get treatment and get BACK to the activities you enjoy.

*If you experience severe or extreme pain, bowel/bladder changes, fever, sharp pain while breathing, or back/neck pain that does not improve after three days, please visit your primary care physician or local emergency room.

For more information on how physical therapy can help relieve back and neck pain, call 1-888-44-REHAB (73422), or contact us online today.


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