Does Weather Affect Fibromyalgia Pain?

Too cold? Too hot? Too dry? Too humid? The weather is seldom just right, and if you suffer from fibromyalgia (FM) or chronic pain, you may often feel like you step outside and surrender to suffering.

The theory that temperature and precipitation affect joint and muscle pain is a widely held belief that even some health care professionals share – but it has yet to be proven.

In the northeast, the cold winter months bring a slew of complaints, increased pain management problems and even pain-related depression, but one also can find FM and chronic pain sufferers in the humidity of Florida and dry heat of Arizona.

What does this mean for fibromyalgia and chronic pain patients? Although the link between joint pain and weather is yet to be proven, your pain is personal. Only you know how cold, rain, heat or humidity affects your pain.

You can help to proactively manage your chronic pain through healthy lifestyle habits, such as diet, exercise, meditation and quality sleep.

If your fibromyalgia pain persists, a physical therapist can:

  • Help you discover your pain triggers
  • Teach you self-management tools and techniques
  • Educate you on effective ways of coping with or decreasing your pain

A physical therapist also can refer you to a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician if needed.

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