Choosing the Right Footwear

Foot pain is a very common problem that becomes more prevalent as people age. The use of poor-fitting or non-supportive shoes is one of the primary causes of foot pain and deformity. Unfortunately, wearing ill-fitting shoes is very common. In order to promote better foot health, I offer the following recommendations for the proper fitting of shoes. 

  • Have your feet measured regularly. The size of your feet changes as you grow older. It is common to have one foot larger than the other. Choose shoes that fit the larger foot.
  •  Fit shoes at the end of the day when feet are largest. The foot can expand in volume as much as four percent by the end of the day.
  • Stand during the fitting process and make sure there is a space of a finger breadth between the longest toe and the tip of the shoe.
  • It is important that the ball of the foot fits snugly into the widest part at the front of the shoe.
  • The heel should fit in the shoes with a minimum amount of slippage.
  • Good shoes should have a firm heel counter (the part of the shoe that cradles the heel), rigid sole and adequate toe box.
  • Do not purchase shoes that are too tight and expect them to stretch.
  • Walk in the shoes and make sure they fit.

These basic tips should help you choose a good pair of supportive and comfortable shoes to prevent foot discomfort. If you have any condition or injury that causes you ongoing pain, consult a podiatrist, a medical practitioner who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle problems. Learn more about the Podiatry Services offered at Good Shepherd. 

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