Choosing an Outpatient Site for Your Physical Therapy Needs

If you have had surgery or are unable to perform your normal activities due to pain from an injury, arthritis or overuse, your physician may recommend outpatient physical or occupational therapy.  Good Shepherd outpatient sites address these common orthopedic problems, as well as serve patients with neurological problems such as Parkinson’s, MS or stroke recovery.  Most recently, Good Shepherd has developed and introduced a program designed to provide care for those who suffer from headaches, also at our outpatient sites. 

To determine the best site for your specific needs you should:

  • Check out the Web: You can gather a great deal of information from the website of most physical therapy providers. 
  • Make a Call: It is wise to phone the center you are considering to confirm if it is best suited to meet your needs. 
  • Confirm Staff and Services: You should speak with the center’s therapist manager about services the site offers and  most importantly about the qualifications and experience of the staff who will be directly involved in your care. 
  • Verify the Details: The center’s secretary can assist you with appointments and insurance coverage questions.

Generally, you will need a prescription from a physician to receive therapy services. At Good Shepherd, we have many therapists who have met stringent licensing requirements allowing them to perform your evaluation and provide treatment for your condition, within the scope of therapy practice, for up to 30 days without a physician prescription.  We inform your physician of your care and work with him or her to assure you are receiving the proper treatment. 

Good Shepherd is available to assist you in arranging your therapy services, or to serve as a resource for you should you have questions about therapy.  With more than 100 years of experience, we know rehabilitation!


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