Caring for the Whole Patient

Caring for the Whole PatientA young man has an accident and suffers a spinal cord injury. After he is stabilized at an acute-care hospital, he spends time in inpatient rehabilitation and then is discharged to outpatient rehabilitation care. He has a long life ahead of him with new and sometimes terrifying challenges. At Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, he is not just a “spinal cord injury.” He is a complete patient with physical and emotional issues. Our goal is to work with the whole patient and provide the right care at the right time.

Some physical rehabilitation organizations focus their care on just treating that one body part that is apparently injured. At Good Shepherd, our holistic care approach offers orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation along with neuropsychology, wound care, fitness and support services as needed. If Good Shepherd does not offer the care or service the patient needs, we will help that patient find it in order to help him or her achieve significant and measurable progress in physical function, long-term health and quality of life.

Good Shepherd is committed to enhancing the lifelong wellness of patients with chronic conditions such as spinal cord injury, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, stroke and cancer. Our physicians, nurses and therapists are carefully screening each patient to learn more about his or her physical and emotional issues. Is there another issue influencing the primary medical problem? Are there side effects that the patient is not discussing (bowel, bladder or sexuality issues, for example)? Are there orthopedic issues impacting neurological issues, and vice versa?

We bring our patients more care coordination, more education, more information and more support. For example, we recently started to incorporate Pilates in the therapy setting as a tool for patients who need to strengthen core muscles in order to make physical advances. We continue to expand our neurorehabilitation services by offering the latest rehabilitation technology and clinical advances. We are enhancing our vision therapy services to reach a broader segment of the population. We are adding therapists to our staff (or supporting their specialty certifications) in areas such as oncology rehabilitation, women’s health (pelvic dysfunction and pain) and athletic functional performance.

With Good Shepherd’s clinical staff treating each patient as a whole person, not just a body part that needs care, we are seeing amazing results in functional recovery and lifelong wellness. Stay tuned for more amazing success stories – where our patients go beyond expected limits - as Good Shepherd continues to redefine the definition of rehabilitation.

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