AlterG Bionic Leg (formerly Tibion Bionic Leg) Gives Patients a Second Chance at Independence

Do you have weakness in one leg and have trouble walking? Whether you suffer from multiple sclerosis, arthritis, an orthopedic condition or have suffered a stroke, the AlterG Bionic Leg (formerly Tibion Bionic Leg) can provide a second chance to help regain your strength and the ability to walk. In fact, research shows that stroke survivors, even 10 years post stroke, can benefit from use of the AlterG (formerly Tibion).

The AlterG (formerly Tibion) is a computerized, bionic device that is strapped onto the weakened leg. It provides assistance in relearning leg motion and improves your ability to place weight on the affected leg. The device can help you learn to put your full weight on your weak leg, which will improve your balance and help you to trust your weak leg.

The AlterG (formerly Tibion) is not meant to be worn indefinitely, but rather as an aid, until you recover your strength and no longer need it. Your therapist can adjust the parameters of the AlterG (formerly Tibion) to give you a lot of assistance in the beginning and then taper the device’s assistance as you improve and get stronger. The AlterG (formerly Tibion) even gives you feedback by providing certain sounds when you do things well and other sounds when you do not perform activities correctly.

The AlterG Bionic Leg (formerly Tibion Bionic Leg) is available at Good Shepherd’s Outpatient Neurorehabilitation Department in Allentown and Good Shepherd Physical Therapy in Palmerton.

To see how the AlterG (formerly Tibion) can give you a second chance, click here to request an appointment or call 1-888-44-REHAB (73422).

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