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Safety for Senior Drivers

Although you can become a legal driver at age 16, there is not a designated age at which your driving privileges must end. It’s difficult to decide when to stop driving, because we all age differently and may encounter medical issues that will impact our function.

Adapted Driving Evaluation: Regaining Independence After Hospitalization

A hospitalization for a neurological injury or illness (such as stroke or head injury), multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, seizures, cardiac episode, amputation or other major illness does not necessarily mean the end of someone’s ability to drive.

Safe Driver Evaluation: Maintaining Independence in Older Adults

As we age, we may become more forgetful, our reaction time slows and our vision may begin to fail. Present in an active driver, these conditions can cause unsafe driving and lead to accidents or worse. Getting a safe driver evaluation, especially after age 65, can give you or your loved one the tools and confidence to continue driving safely.

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