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Introducing Pediatric Therapy Walk-In Hours – Convenience When it Matters Most

Parenting is full of challenges. There are good days, when everyone gets off to school and work on time - and there are not-so-good days, when morning tantrums and backseat brawls cause moms and dads to shift gears and change priorities. For parents of children with special needs, hurdles like sensory overload, a clogged feeding tube, or a seizure can completely derail the day’s agenda.

Feeding Problem or Picky Eater? Solving the Dinner Dilemma

“When he gets hungry enough, he’ll eat.”
“We don’t play with our food. We eat it.”
“Kids can live on mac and cheese. Can’t they?”

Are you guilty of using one of these phrases? If so, then you’ve probably faced the high-chair hero. He won’t open his mouth for anything or anyone – not even if Sponge Bob himself were the one holding the spoon. He gives you the trademark head turn. He cries big crocodile tears and repeats the word “no” over and over again. Welcome to the dinner dilemma!

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