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Optimizing Outpatient Stroke Rehab

Stroke affects 800,000 Americans annually, the majority of whom go on to live with long-term disability and limited community participation. In a recent issue of Physical Therapy Products magazine, Kelley Limbauan, PT, DPT, details how Good Shepherd's use of technology optimizes outpatient stroke rehabilitation, giving patients a second chance at life.

Good Shepherd Neurorehabilitation Director Featured in 'Rehab Management' Magazine

Sue Golden, PT, NCS, neurorehabilitation director, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, was recently featured in Rehab Management magazine. Sue discusses some of Good Shepherd's leading-edge technology that helps patients build strength and improve conditioning. Read more on pages 30-31.

Good Shepherd's Unique Approach to Concussion Recovery Featured in 'Physical Therapy Products' Magazine

Stephen Vandenberg, PT, DPT, ITPT, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, was recently featured on the front cover of the Physical Therapy Products Magazine. Steve submitted an article on the unique approach and therapies used in Good Shepherd’s Comprehensive Concussion Program.

Good Shepherd Physical Therapy Site Manager Featured in Mind, Body, Spirit Podcast

Tricia Butynskyi, MPT, DPT, Site Manager at Good Shepherd Physical Therapy – Macungie, joined Sensei Tim Hoover, of Hoover Karate Academy, and Steve Mittman on the Mind, Body, Spirit podcast series to discuss pain as it pertains to physical injuries, surgery and overuse.

Frank Hyland Featured on Main Street Radio Podcast

Frank Hyland, executive director, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, joined Main Street Radio to talk about the cutting edge exoskeleton technology being used at Good Shepherd to assist stroke and spinal cord injury patients.

Ruth Aragon, a Good Shepherd Associate and patient, also joined the podcast to talk about her story and experience with the exoskeleton.

Listen to the podcast below.  


Good Shepherd Physician Featured in Lehigh County Health & Medicine Publication

Asare Christian, MD, MPH, Associate Outpatient Medical Director, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, was recently featured on the front cover of the Lehigh County Health & Medicine publication in a story on protecting your brain during your favorite outdoor winter activities. Click here to read the story on pages 6-7 in the publication.


Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution To Get in Shape

The new year seems to bring with it endless possibilities. You vow to begin and stick with an exercise plan, and you’re extremely motivated…for now.  By the end of January, however, you’re probably ready to throw in the towel if you haven’t already. Sound familiar? 

Many people repeat this scenario year after year, and it’s not because they don’t have good intentions. The problem is that we live in an on-demand society. When we don’t see improvement quickly, it’s difficult to stay motivated.

Increasing Movement after Stage III Burns and Skin Grafts

Burns can occur from a variety of sources, including heat, electrical, chemical, friction and radiation and are classified as first, second or third degree. Most first and second degree burns can be managed easily. Third degree burns, however, are more severe and often require skin grafts.

Get S.M.A.R.T for Parkinson’s

We all know that exercise is good for us, but did you know it is especially important for those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease? The disease, which is marked by symptoms like rigidity, instability, shuffling gait and slow movements, impacts approximately 1 million people in the U.S. alone.


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