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Therapy Options Following an Inpatient Stay

Inpatient rehabilitation offers round the clock care and consistent therapy while you are recovering from an amputation, motor vehicle accident,

Bowel Management Requires More than Medication

Bowel dysfunction is a life altering consequence of a spinal cord injury (SCI) or other neurological disorders. It affects the physical, social and emotional well-being of people with spinal cord injuries and can result in fecal incontinence or severe constipation.
What is a bowel management program?

Living with a Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)

Technology that performs the tasks of a defective heart can provide cardiac patients with restored vigor, enhanced mobility and the best gift of all – time. The technology, called a ventricular assist device (VAD), extends the lives of patients who await a heart transplant or are ineligible to receive one.

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