Back on Track

Bumps and bruises are nothing new to Dustin Wimmer. Since the age of 9, Dustin, now 22, has been competing in some of the country’s most exclusive ATV races. Along the way, he’s had his share of ups and downs, and he’s had his share of injuries.

In 2008, Dustin reached the apex of the ATV circuit when he won the AMA Pro Grand National Championship. He was on top of the world, but his success didn’t come without a cost. During his championship run, Dustin sustained a painful shoulder injury, which required post-season surgery.

The shoulder surgery left Dustin with weakness, discomfort and limited range of motion. A burning desire to get back on the track, along with expert rehabilitation at Good Shepherd Physical Therapy, has Dustin chasing championships once again.

“After my shoulder surgery, I was concerned that it would take a long time to get back on the track,” said Dustin. “Thanks to Good Shepherd, I’m competing in a full slate of events this season.”

Dustin received outpatient rehabilitation at Good Shepherd Physical Therapy-Center Valley. There, he received expert care from some of the most experienced physical therapists and physical therapy assistants in the region.

“Following therapy, I had better range of motion and the strength in my shoulder was back,” said Dustin. “Plus, I really connected with the therapists. They took the time to talk with me and the atmosphere was friendly and comfortable.”

Now that Dustin is back to full health, he is planning to continue his career and compete for more championships.

“I’m back in the race doing what I love,” said Dustin. “I’m feeling healthy and I’m ready to regain my spot at the top of the sport.”

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