Back Pain: Taking Cassie Emmons BEYOND LIMITS

Seven years ago, Cassie Emmons was a competitive and pre-professional dancer when she herniated a disc in her spine. Orthopedic surgeons prescribed physical therapy and medication to manage the often unbearable pain.
Cassie’s recovery was short lived. The disc herniated again just six short months after she returned to her active lifestyle. She couldn’t dance or run (another favorite pastime). In fact, she could barely walk most days. Cassie tried everything – physical therapy, medications, epidural steroid injections,moving, standing, sitting down – but nothing eased the pain.
It was during a semester abroad that Cassie realized the impact that back pain was having on her life, since it kept her from joining her friends on hiking trips and other adventures. Cassie returned from her trip, determined to find a solution to her pain, and she did – at Good Shepherd Physical Therapy – Bethlehem/Performing Arts Rehabilitation Center.
Therapists at Good Shepherd worked one-on-one with Cassie to get to the root of her pain, utilizing her dance background to approach therapy in a different way. They taught Cassie exercises and stretches that she had never before tried.
“I had set limits for myself,” says Cassie. “And other people had set limits for me – that I wouldn’t be able to dance again. I wouldn’t be able to run again. After I came to Good Shepherd, I was able to go beyond all those limits that everyone had set.”
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