Dr. Jeffrey Becker

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Dr. Jeffrey Becker
Dr. Jeffrey Becker is director of vision rehabilitation for the Neurosensory Center of Eastern Pennsylvania and partners with Good Shepherd's Vision Therapy Program. His practice is limited to patients with neurosensory, visual and vestibular disorders ranging from children with autism to adults with strokes and head injuries. He has participated in numerous research projects and has lectured nationally and internationally at prestigious conferences such as "The American Congress of Rehabilitative Medicine," "The National Head Injury Foundation Conference," and "The International Conference for Autism" in both Dubai and Chicago. Dr. Becker is a consultant with several government agencies and The Law School Admission Council. He recently authored a chapter about vision therapy for the book, "Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism." In addition, Dr. Becker also serves as an adjunct professor at Misericordia University, teaching master's and Ph.D. level occupational and physical therapy students.


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