Past Features

Boxing Day

Fall 2016 Watch the video. Keith Young is taking no prisoners. Sweat beads on his forehead as he jabs his gloved fist at his sparring partner. “Jab. Jab. Uppercut. Uppercut. Hook,” urges Dori... read more

Girl Power

Summer 2016 Watch the video. Anna Faura is positively giddy with excitement. It’s a Thursday afternoon at  the Dornsife Pediatric Therapy Suite on Good Shepherd’s south Allentown campus and for the... read more

Going for the Goal

Spring 2016 The bruises were the first telltale signs. Every morning, Gina Koehler would awaken and count eight to 10 new bruises on her legs. Just six months earlier, Gina had a complete physical... read more

A Love Story Stitched in Time

April 2016 (Ed's Note: Shortly after this article appeared in the Spring issue of Sweet Charity magazine, Chuck Pliskatt passed away. His gift, in tribute to his wife Emily Howatt Pliskatt, will... read more

A Hold on Healing

Ten years ago, a brutal assault left Jose Perez with a devastating brain injury. Since then, pain has been a near constant companion for the 47-year-old resident of the Good Shepherd Home at Conrad... read more

Getting a Grip on Life

Bob Geisinger was on fire. His face. His hands. His upper body. Flames were searing his skin, blinding him as he frantically looked for a way out of the building where he worked. He burst through... read more

A Beautiful Life

Vanessa Gearhart was running late. The traffic on her way home from Wilkes College where she was a freshman was especially bad. Now, as she left her house in Snydersville that November afternoon in... read more

Never Surrender

“Get a bird in the air! Get a bird in the air!”   The emergency room nurse bolted out of the treatment room, her voice crisp with urgency as she called for a MedEvac helicopter. Her clipped tone... read more

The Other Side of Stroke

Spring had arrived. The brutal winter of endless snow and cold was over, and that was reason enough for Todd and Christine Husser of Bethlehem to celebrate. On Sunday, June 8, 2014, they were... read more

Teenie Tough

Fall 2014   The invader was about the size of a quarter. It had claimed its stake in the dark, inviting recesses of 14-year-old Christina Fragnito’s brain, taking up residence against the brain stem... read more

A Warrior's Story

When Tara Webb learned in the summer of 2012 she was pregnant, the 35-year old mother of three was overjoyed. Her husband, Chris, was equally thrilled, and the couple began planning for the newest... read more

Back in the Swim

Patrick Champagne lived life at 150 mph. Competitive by nature, the Emmaus High School varsity swimmer spent up to 15 hours a week in practice. And when he wasn’t swimming, he was immersed in his... read more

Where There's a Will

By Dave Fessler There are two kinds of people in this world; those who look at life as a glass-half-full and those who look at life as a glass-half-empty. I fall into the first category, which is a... read more

Her Profile In Courage

The photograph clinched it. The woman in the photo smiling back at Christine Wilshire weighed more than 400 pounds. She was pre-diabetic and on a collision course to a raft of other health problems... read more

The New Face of Leadership

Click here to see John's video message to donors.   He likes to send handwritten notes of appreciation to employees. He blogs. He understands that Twitter has nothing to do with birds and... read more

Vision 360

After 16 years at the helm, Good Shepherd President and CEO Sally Gammon is retiring. A look at many of the organization's milestones since her arrival From her light-filled corner office... read more

Tamisha's Way

March/April 2013 On a bitter cold February morning, Tamisha Walker huddled at a bus stop, chatting with three other young women. The conversation ranged from Facebook to favorite books and movies.... read more

A Grateful Heart

January/February 2013 When Talon Troxel was three, he went from having a vocabulary of 500 words to zero, and refused to eat just about anything put in front of him. When his younger brother, Caden... read more

The Wonderful World of Technology

March/April 2012 A touch of the finger on a computer screen. A command, made only with the eyes. For children with physical and cognitive disabilities, such movements, sometimes more easily... read more

License To Live

January/February 2012 License to Live The first day of November 2011 dawned crisp and clear. Jordan Christman, 19, roused himself and dressed for what would be a full morning. By 8:15 a.m., the... read more

A Life Redefined

November/December 2011   Christmas Day 2009. Ron Moyer and his wife Lin were heading home to East Stroudsburg after visiting a friend in a hospital when Ron started getting chills. He chalked it up... read more

The Sweet Smile of Success

September/October 2011   Little Emaline Musson from Bozeman, Montana, has come a long way at a very young age. The captivating one-year-old, whose parents traveled cross-country for help, came... read more

Keeping the Faith

July/August 2011   Alyssa Armstrong was always one of those kids who pushed the envelope. Vibrant and athletic, she was a fearless soccer player and constantly on the go with her friends. So it... read more

A Nurse Reflects

April 2011 (Pediatric nurse Jamie Zanelli, RN, shares her thoughts on the care and progress of Wes Schlauch who was featured in the May/June 2011 issue of Sweet Charity .) By Jamie Zanelli, RN... read more

Tommy's Back

March/April 2011 He was only 19, but Tommy Slattery had plans. He was working in his father’s plumbing and heating business, and was scheduled to start classes at Lehigh Carbon Community College... read more

Her Longest Race

January-February 2011   For 12 years,  Patti O’Donnell was  an Irish step dancer, schooled in the art of  intricate foot and leg work, executed with razor-sharp precision. A gifted athlete, she... read more