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Our Volunteers: A Cornerstone of Caring

Spring 2016 Dear Friends, Beneath the hustle and bustle of life here at Good Shepherd, there’s a quiet but steady drumbeat by a group of people who are vital to our mission, doing what they do not... read more

Going for the Goal

The bruises were the first telltale signs. Every morning, Gina Koehler would awaken and count eight to 10 new bruises on her legs. Just six months earlier, Gina had a complete physical and a clean... read more

Artful Therapy

Meredith J. Myer grabs a thin paintbrush in her fingers, dips it in a dab of green and slowly begins tracing the outline of a leaf on her canvas. “I love this class because it’s both a learning... read more

Serving Up Success

Bridget Feeney does many things well, but there’s one thing she doesn’t do well: lazy. On a recent Thursday afternoon in the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital cafeteria, Bridget is a study in... read more

A Work in Progress

Donny Buchter tells a story about a bird that well could be a metaphor for his own life. It happened after he suffered a spinal cord injury in a snowmobile accident in 2011 when he was only 22. He... read more