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You never know when life wil throw you a curve ball. For Bonnie Stickel, who is featured in this issue, the curve ball came on a trip to Houston, Texas with her husband Todd.

When Bonnie Stickel suffered a concussion in a freak accident, she turned to Good Shepherd's Vision Therapy Program to help her get back to enjoying life again.

Tammy Santee remembers the dark days, when hope was gone and her prospects in life bleak. “I thought that my whole life was going to be nothing,” she says. “I didn’t think my life would have happiness.”

Four years ago, Jackie Quinton, then 51, was living a full and busy life as a Zumba instructor and receptionist when she had a stroke. But during Jackie’s recovery, something quite extraordinary developed: a newfound artistic talent for coloring and painting.

By Lynn Gerlach, Public Relations and Communications Specialist, Good Shepherd

Gary and Mary Seelye know that life can forever change in an instant. They also know that hope can come in many forms and at any time.

Melanie and Rick Musson believe in miracles for one very good reason: their six-year-old daughter Emaline.

“The prophet Jeremiah sent a letter from Jerusalem to the few surviving elders among the exiles, to the priests and the prophets, and to all the people Nebuchadnezzar had taken to Babylon from Jerusalem.
Kathy Klimek

It’s not every woman who will leave her home and follow her husband to live in a foreign country with a language and customs vastly different from her own. Yet that’s just what Kathy Klimek did when she was a young bride of only 18 years old and embraced the adventure of moving from Allentown to Korea where her husband,