In-Home Therapy

If you cannot get to one of Good Shepherd's convenient outpatient locations, Good Shepherd's expert therapists will come to you.

Good Shepherd provides in-home therapy services for individuals in need of physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy, but who are unable to take part in traditional outpatient rehabilitation.

With Good Shepherd's In-Home Therapy Program, you can begin your rehabilitation in a convenient setting, while receiving the same high-quality care that has given Good Shepherd a national reputation as a leader in rehabilitation.

As part of the In-Home Therapy Program, a Good Shepherd therapist will visit your home to provide physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy services. As you progress and become stronger, your care may transition to one of Good Shepherd's outpatient rehabilitation locations.

To receive in-home therapy services, you must be at least 18-years-old and have a physician prescription for therapy services.

Good Shepherd's In-Home Therapy Services:

  • Physical Therapy: Good Shepherd's physical therapy staff develops a plan of care that is specifically designed for you, based upon your needs and lifestyle. Each plan of care includes recovery goals that are achievable and measurable, and you are always a participating member of the therapy team.
  • Occupational Therapy: Good Shepherd's certified occupational therapists will help you maintain your living and working skills as you recover from injuries, surgeries or other conditions.
  • Speech Therapy: Good Shepherd's speech therapy staff offers various diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for language, speech and cognitive issues. Good Shepherd specializes in speech therapy for individuals who have communication problems relating to neurological issues, central auditory processing disorders, stuttering and developmental or acquired speech disorders.

For more information on Good Shepherd's In-Home Therapy Program, contact us today, call 610-748-1033 or Request an Appointment.