Optimal Fitness: Fitness Programs and Classes

Optimal Fitness at Good Shepherd offers an array of fitness and aquatics classes for people with or without disabilities.

Aquatics programs:

  • Ai Chi: A gentle water program with soft lights and a relaxed atmosphere; learn exercises while using deep breathing techniques.
  • Arthritis Pool Program: This is a warm water group exercise program for people with arthritis designed to ease joint pain and increase mobility. 
  • AquaStretch: An individualized program guided by a therapist to work on stretching and movement techniques to reduce tightness and pain while improving flexibility, relaxation and overall function.
  • Aqua YogaPilates: Integrates Yoga poses and Pilates exercises in a warm-water environment to increase overall health and wellness.
  • Learn to Swim: Under the guidance of a therapist, the client will develop or improve swimming skills, techniques and safety in the water.
  • Learn to Exercise: This is an individualized session with a therapist in the warm water to teach exercise techniques for increasing strength, endurance, range of motion and balance.
  • Water Walking: An independent walking/exercise program designed to maintain fitness and wellness in a warm-water environment.
  • Pediatric Pool Program: Teaches children with disabilities water adjustment and learn-to-swim skills through the use of adaptive techniques and equipment to maximize their independence in the water. Note: This program requires an adult to accompany the child in the water throughout the session.

Fitness and wellness programs:

  • Pilates: Designed to lengthen and strengthen your body
  • Yoga: Focuses on stretching, lengthening and breathing techniques

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