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Nancy Krepelka

Nancy Krepelka, MPT
Site Manager, Good Shepherd Physical Therapy - Schnecksville

Nancy Krepelka is the site manager for Good Shepherd Physical Therapy-Schnecksville located at 4110 Independence Drive, Suite 200, in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania. Nancy has successfully treated a wide variety of neck, back and shoulder injuries, as well as neurological and orthopedic conditions.  

Nancy received her bachelor’s degree from Elmira College and her master’s degree in physical therapy from Arcadia University (formerly Beaver College). She also has received graduate course training on fall prevention and has conducted several in-services on the topic.

Nancy’s Vision:  “I think that building a trusting relationship between the therapist and patient is crucial. A patient will only do well if he or she has confidence in his or her therapist. I also feel that it is important to listen to the patient because he or she often has the answer.”

Good Shepherd Physical Therapy - Schnecksville
4110 Independence Drive, Suite 200
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