Communication Skills Group at Souderton

Good Shepherd Physical Therapy - Souderton offers a group program using speech/language strategies to provide opportunities for adults to interact with others who have various diagnoses and severity of symptoms.
How the Group Works
Participants will be able to use and maintain the speech and language skills that they have acquired in a therapy program in a supportive group setting with the expertise of a certified, licensed speech-language pathologist. The group presents a non-threatening environment for people to continue learning from others who have been through a similar experience and to learn new tips or communication techniques.
Who Can Benefit from This Program?
The activities are directed towards adults who have communication disorders, including aphasia. Persons who have completed a speech therapy program are welcome. The Communication Skills Group may be appropriate for you if you are working on:
  • Clear speech production of sounds and words
  • Naming objects, people, places
  • Speaking without hesitating or repeating words/parts of words
  • Understanding or maintaining conversation
  • Using alternative means of communication, such as gesturing, drawing or using a device
  • Using strategies to improve communication skills
How Do I Register?
If you are interested in joining this group, please call 215-721-1871. The cost of the group is $11 per session. A doctor’s prescription is not required.
4036 Bethlehem Pike
Telford, PA 18969
Call to find out the next group meeting date and time.