Student Opportunities

Observing, shadowing and interning are great ways to learn more about a profession and decide if a career in healthcare is right for you. Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network welcomes both clinical and non-clinical students who wish to learn from our nationally-recognized experts in rehabilitation and patient care.

Clinical/Non-Clinical Students
You are considered a clinical/non-clinical student if you are registered for credit hours in a program of study. You may or may not have direct patient contact in the context of your internship/practicum.

Step one: Contact Eugene Anderson, nurse educator, at 610-778-9276 to make sure that your school has a signed Good Shepherd contract.

Step two: Complete the student orientation packet. Please note length of document before printing and proof of flu vaccination is required during flu season.

Step three: Return the student orientation packet to Susan Lee, director of quality and regulatory compliance, at 610-776-3286 (fax).

Student Observer/Shadower
You are considered a student observer/shadower if you wish to simply observe work performed within Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network. You cannot have any direct patient contact (keep a physical distance of 3 – 5 feet from the patient), and your time cannot exceed 24 hours.

Step One: Complete the student observer packet

Step Two: If planning to observe/shadow during flu season, you must submit proof of flu vaccination.

Step Two: Return the packet to JoAnn Frey, volunteer coordinator, at 610-776-3125.