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Good Shepherd Employed
Doctor Name Specialty
Andrew Reish, M.D. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Asare Christian, MD, MPH Asare Christian, MD, MPH Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Ayanna S. Kersey-McMullen, DO, MSPH Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Chelsea Keehfuss, PA-C Chelsea Keehfuss, PA-C Physician Assistant
Debra A. Lehr, OD, FAAO Debra A. Lehr, OD, FAAO Neurodevelopmental Optometry
Demetrice L. Ward, M.D., M.S. Demetrice L. Ward, M.D., M.S. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Dennyel Litz, M.H.S., PA-C Dennyel Litz, M.H.S., PA-C Physician Assistant
Elona Suli-Moci, M.D., Ph.D. Elona Suli-Moci, M.D., Ph.D. Neuropsychology
James J. Daley, M.D. James J. Daley, M.D. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Julie Rohe, M.M.S., PA-C Julie Rohe, M.M.S., PA-C Physician Assistant
Karen E. Senft, M.D., developmental pediatrics Karen E. Senft, M.D. Developmental Pediatrics
Kimberly Kuchinski, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.P.M.R. Kimberly Kuchinski, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.P.M.R. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Kyle Klitsch, D.O. Kyle Klitsch, D.O. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Liza Green, MD, MS Liza Green, MD, MS Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Louise Zarrow, M.S.N., C.P.N.P. Louise Zarrow, M.S.N., C.P.N.P. Certified Nurse Practitioners
Luke Ciaccio, Ph.D. Luke Ciaccio, Ph.D. Neuropsychology
Martin J. Diorio, Ph.D. Martin J. Diorio, Ph.D. Neuropsychology
Mary G. Brownsberger, Psy.D., ABPP Mary G. Brownsberger, Psy.D., ABPP Neuropsychology
Megan Stefanelli, BS, MSPAS, PA-C Megan Stefanelli, BS, MSPAS, PA-C Physician Assistant
Rachel Ratchford, MSPAS, PA-C Rachel Ratchford, MSPAS, PA-C Physician Assistant
Richard Schall, Ph.D. Richard Schall, Ph.D. Neuropsychology
Rosauro A. Dalope, M.D., F.A.A.P. Hospitalist/Internal Medicine
Sandeep Singh, M.D. Sandeep Singh, M.D. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
SuAnn Chen, M.D. SuAnn Chen, M.D. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Susan Adkins, MS, PA-C Susan Adkins, MS, PA-C Physician Assistant
Private Practice
Doctor Name Specialty
David J. Young, D.O. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Jeffrey Becker, O.D. Neurodevelopmental Optometry
Larry Levin, MD, CCDS Hospitalist/Internal Medicine
Michael L. Zager, M.D. Hospitalist/Internal Medicine
Robert J. Corba, D.O. Pain Management
Scott Naftulin, D.O. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Terry Heiman-Patterson, M.D. Neurology